Architectural Wraps

unique custom applications for any surface

Give us your boring, dull, lack-luster, uninspiring surfaces and let us create something amazing!  StreetWide Marketing can design, print and wrap any surface known or unknown to man.   We can take your office, home, building, floor, mall, dealership, man cave, kitchen, restaurant, or stadium and create custom graphic solutions to enhance the space.   Whether you just want to build you brand identity, create beautiful visuals, or even generate additional revenue streams with advertising, we are there to help every step of the way.  Starting with an onsite consultation, we will meet with you and review the space and graphic opportunities.  StreetWide is a full service marketing company.  We can research your visual impressions, demographics, and from there create an in-depth proposal that maximizes your ROI (return on investment).

Wall Murals

Walls provide ample room and space to really create amazing visuals.  From drywall, to brick and concrete, we can wrap our vinyl graphics on any surface.  As partners with Westfield Shopping Centers, we wrap walls, windows and floors with advertising for numerous retailers.

Floor Graphics

So little floor space, so many people not watching where they walk… wait reverse that.  We use all that space and create exciting creative designs and prints that enhance your customers experience.  All of our floor graphics have a slip resistant over laminate and we can create any custom shape and design you can imagine.  From small graphics like footprints or arrows, to whole floor wraps, wall to wall graphics, no job is too small or large for our on site install team.  Floor decals can be informational, directional, advertising or just creative and visually stunning designs.

Glass Wraps

This is where it gets really visually interesting.  Using the latest techniques, printers and materials StreetWide can create stunning images and designs on glass windows, panes, dividers, walls and more.  Mixing translucent graphics and prints with the natural glass creates amazing results.

Backlit Prints & Backgrounds

Take a gorgeous full color HD print and let there be backlight!  This takes our prints to the next level.  StreetWide has years of experience creating backlit prints and displays for News TV Stations, Retail Displays and office windows.  We use the newest materials on the market to create exciting visuals for our clients.  Printed on specialized translucent media that provides rich, vibrant colors, and using a long-lasting, energy-efficient LED light box, this display instantly makes your message pop in high or low-visibility environments.  So let there be backlight!

Pillar Wraps

We love taking tall, lonely, naked pillars and dressing them up!  They make for great visuals to advertise or just create something fun for your customers.  No matter the surface, we have the vinyl to do the job!

Custom Printed Wall Paper

Wall paper is back baby!  But this isn’t your Grandma’s old wall paper.  The designs are endless with custom designed, printed and installed wall wraps.  There are numerous textures that can be used such as canvas, metal, wood, matte and gloss vinyl, brick, stone and many more.  Custom designs and shapes can be cut out and overlaid.  Mixing and matching media can also create stunning visual applications.


We work our magic in all of these spaces…

Amphitheater – Amusement/ Theme Park – Aquarium – Arena – Automotive Dealership – Call Center – College Campus – Movie Set – Office – Radio Stations – Restaurant – Retail Center – Shopping Mall – Sports Stadium – Television Station – University – Zoo


Architectural Finishes

Architectural Finishes give interior and exterior surfaces a finish that inspires.  Our innovative vinyl textures are easier on the environment, offer cost effective alternatives to expensive building materials, and help decrease interruption to business during the remodeling process.  Wood grains, stone, and metallic finishes create enduring beauty in any space. The possibilities are limitless.  Call us today, we will show you all the textures, colors and creative solutions for your project.